Godzilla Bones Pt 1


ゴジラの骨 — 1
Godzilla Bones — 1


The bones of Godzilla defeated by the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954. In 1999, the skeleton of almost the entire body was discovered on the seabed off the Boso Peninsula. The bones are recovered by the Special Self-Defense Forces. In the same year, Hayato Igarashi (then Prime Minister Hara), director general of the Science and Technology Agency, advised the then prime minister, Machiko Tsuge, to develop a living robot using this bone, and the special anti-G special weapon development bill was passed by a large majority. In response to this, the mass media criticized it for a while, but ironically, the public’s approval rating for the Cabinet rose by 10 points, proving that the threat of Godzilla is becoming more serious among the people.



Godzilla bones pulled up from the seabed and loaded into a container.


The collection of Godzilla’s bones was carried out in the utmost secrecy, jointly by each defense force.

よこ Side
うえ Top
した Bottom

P 11


うしろ Side
まえ Front


A team of scientists gathered at the Defense Agency’s Institute of Technology. From the right, Goro Kanno, Shinji Akamatsu, Tokumitsu Yuhara, and Kaoru Yamada.


Immediately after the passage of the Special Anti-Germany Weapons Development Bill, Prime Minister Tsuge faces the offensive of the mass media with a resolute attitude.

湯原 徳光

Kiryu Development Member
Norimitsu Yuhara


40 years old. A professor at the Faculty of Science and an authority on artificial biology. He became a key member of the anti-G special weapon development. Six years ago, his wife passed away, and he lives with his daughter Sara (10 years old).

Trilobites (trilobites)


A living robot created by Yubara to look just like the real thing. The front side is a robot, but the muscles and nerves inside are from horseshoe crabs. In addition, by using a DNA computer in the system, natural movement became possible.


A trilobite that wriggles in an aquarium.

うえ Top
した Bottom

Source: ゴジラXメカゴジラ 超全集 (てれびくんデラックス, p 10-11)