Ok! I couldn’t let this one get away. I had to act quickly. Iwakura Cast (イワクラ キャスト) Godzilla ornaments are highly collectible and hard to come by. So when I found the ゴジラ オーナメント 特撮大百科 COMPLETE ゴジラ&アンギラス 月の瀬海岸に急行せよ! (Godzilla ornament Tokusatsu Encyclopedia Complete Godzilla & Angilas speed to Seto Coast) scene from 地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン (Godzilla vs Gigan) on Mandarake I had to act quickly. For the last several weeks, I’ve been enjoying Godzilla vs Gigan and all its charm. This figure capture just that.

Godzilla & Angilas

The Cast figures offer the detail to small scale Godzilla collectibles as X-Plus to large scale. Godzilla and Angilas have the fine details and poor design of the original water suits. Godzilla’s buggy eyes and cheesy grin. The speech bubbles made these piece exceptional recreating the infamous conversation between the two kaiju. Godzilla urging, “Hurry!” Angilas relies, “Ok!!”

Godzilla & Angilas

Godzilla & AngilasGodzilla & AngilasGodzilla & Angilas

A portion of the insert (above) reads: 間延びした大きなかおと太い首、そして背の高さ等のアンバランスぶりが、このゴジラの最大の特長である。A rough translated would be: “Godzilla’s prolonged and big face, thick neck, and imbalanced height is the greatest feature.”

Godzilla & Angilas Godzilla & Angilas

The boxes are not very impressive, but the content is worth the expensive price tag. The Iwakura ornaments capture unique scenes in Godzilla movies. I don’t know anything better. Gotta catch them all!