Godzilla actor Kenpachiro Satsuma



7 works in a row !!
Godzilla actor Kenpachiro Satsuma


Mr. Kenpachiro Satsuma, a suit actor who has played Godzilla in all 7 works of the “VS series” since “Godzilla” (84).


This time, I’m using a suit with nearly 900 light bulbs, so the inside will be even hotter than the previous one. The weight of the suit is well over 100 kg. Playing Godzilla is just a match against physical strength and mental strength, and training around the fire is required.

陸上 Land
横 Side
正面 Front
ゴジラの構 Godzilla Structure
水中 Underwater


An illustration of Godzilla’s basic operation drawn by Mr. Satsuma himself.

Source: ゴジラvsデストロイア超全集 Godzilla vs Destroyer Super Complete Works (小学館 Shogakukan, p 74)