Godzilla 85 Calendar


It is December and the end of the year. Growing up, this was the time of the year, people bought new calendar. Now that I’m older, I do likewise. Since the 90s, I can remember the release of new Godzilla calendars each year. Now, there are more than ever. This year, I bought an old calendar from a time that holds some of my fondest Godzilla memories. A few days ago, I scored this awesome ’85 Godzilla calendar (’85ゴジラカレンダー) on Buyee Japan.

On the front, there is a brief synopsis of the Showa Godzilla era (1954–1975): “The awesome figure of Godzilla, king of the monsters, first appeared in 1954. With wild fury it attacked people and destroyed cities. However, as time passed, its hostility was diverted away from mankind and directed towards other huge monsters. In fact, it eventually became an ally of man and idolized by children. Now, the gigantic Godzilla has returned!” Included are Godzilla’s physical characteristics. I love the indication of his Japanese nationality.

This is an oversized calendar about 20.5 x 28.5 inches. It is perfect for display for any year and all year round. This is a bi-monthly calendar of large Godzilla 1985 movie stills. There are small thumbnail photos of the king of the monsters between the months. This calendar was designed by Akihiko Noguchi and released by Yamakatsu (山勝, ヤマカツ). In 1983, Yamakatsu released a collection of small soft vinyl Godzilla figures and model kits. Yamakatsu was a manufacturer of paper toys (bromide, menko [children’s game], etc.) because of the Godzilla boom that came about by the screening “Godzilla 1983.”1 Back in the mid 80s, I collected the Yamakatsu figures. Today, it’s great to have their beautiful calendar.

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