Godzilla 1984


ショッキラス 巨大フナムシ
Shokkirasu Giant wharf roach
Giant Sea Louse

体長/1 m
Body length / 1 m


The Ligia exotica that was parasitic on Godzilla became huge because Godzilla was constantly exposed to the radioactive substances emitted from the body.

It attacks humans with a sharp edge and absorbs blood and water.

It attacks an enemy with sharp fangs in its throat.

It glides through the air with its tail like a spring.

It freely roams walls and ceilings and attacks enemies.


Radiant heat rays exhaled from Godzilla’s mouth. The awaiting Self-Defense Forces were wiped out in an instant.

まえ front


The core of the Ihama nuclear power plant was stripped off and the overflowing radioactivity was absorbed.


A gamma-ray perspective photograph that captures a magnetic substance in the brain.


He attacks the nuclear power plant in search of fissile material, which is the source of ghee. A “magnetic substance” that controls the same homing instinct of migratory birds has been confirmed in its brain.

Godzilla falling to the Mt Mihara crater


Attempt Godzilla guidance using an ultrasonic generator.

よこ Side


They find out that there is a living creature and proposes to the government a measure to guide Godzilla to the volcano of Mt. Mihara by using this.


Eventually Godzilla invades Tokyo Bay, and the tank corps waiting at the wharf is also wiped out by Godzilla’s heat rays. Godzilla landing in Tokyo and invading Shinjuku from Ginza, Nagatacho, Akasaka, and Aoyama. It takes off and succeeds in stopping Godzilla’s activity with the capital defense fighter Super X cadmium bullet. However, a nuclear warhead that was accidentally fired by Ren flew in, and an American nuclear warhead intercepted it, but lightning was generated by an electromagnetic shock wave caused by an explosion in the stratosphere. Godzilla has awakened by the shock of a lightning strike. At that time, Dr. Hayashida emitted Godzilla-guided ultrasonic waves from Mt. Mihara. Guided by ultrasonic waves, Godzilla appeared on Mt. Mihara. The central crater hill of Mt. Mihara where the explosion switch is pressed and a big explosion occurs. Magama squirted and bite Godzilla …

An American missile satellite intercepts a nuclear warhead.

The explosion in the stratosphere dyes the sky red.


Prime Minister Mitamura and others watching Godzilla’s end on a monitor.

Source: てれびくんデラックス ゴジラ 1954-1999 (p 11)