Godzilla 1975 Suit


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Terror of MechaGodzilla


The 15th Godzilla movie produced in response to the popularity of MechaGodzilla in the previous work. This work, which depicts the tragic fate of a cyborg girl in an adult atmosphere, is also known as the posthumous work of Honda Ishiro, who was the ace director of Toho special effects movies, and is the new Godzilla movie of “Toho Champion Festival.” It was also the final work. After this, Godzilla movies fell asleep for nine years.

■製作/田中友幸 協力製作所 健二
■ 監督/本多猪四郎
■音楽 伊福部昭
■特撮美術/青木利郎、 小村 完
【出演佐々木勝彦、 藍とも子、
平田昭彦、 中丸忠雄、 睦 五郎、
大門正明、 内田勝正、 麻里とも恵、 伊吹 徹、 六本木 真、 富田浩太郎
■ゴジラ 河合徹

[Released on March 15, 1975]
83 minutes, color, cinemascope
■ Produced by: Tomoyuki Tanaka Cooperation: Kenji
Script/Yukiko Takayama
■ Director/Ishiro Honda
■ Special effects director/Akiyoshi Nakano
■ Music Akira Ifukube
1 story art / Yoshifumi Honda
■ Special effects art / Toshiro Aoki, Kan Komura
[Cast: Katsuhiko Sasaki, Tomoko Ai,
Akihiko Hirata, Tadao Nakamaru, Goro Mutsumi,
Masaaki Daimon, Katsumasa Uchida, Tomoe Mari, Toru Ibuki, Makoto Roppongi, Kotaro Tomita
Godzilla Toru Kawai


前作の続編ではあるが、子供向けを意識した前作での可愛い顔のゴジラではなく、本作では怖さを増して怒りをも感じさせる表情になった。 顔は大きく変化したものの、ボディは前作からのものを改修して使用。くたびれた感は否めないが、本作でもブラックホール第3惑星人の野望を打ち砕き、海に帰っていった。 再びスクリーンに姿を見せるのは、9年後となる

Although it is a sequel to the previous work, instead of the cute face of Godzilla in the previous work, which was conscious of children, this work has a more scary and angry expression. Although his face has changed a lot, he uses the body from the previous work after repairing it. It’s undeniable that he feels tired, but in this work as well, he shattered the ambitions of the people of the third planet of the black hole and returned to the sea. It will be nine years before he appears on screen again.

Godzilla setting and action

サイボーグ少女の真船桂がコン トロールするチタノザウルスが横 須賀を襲撃し、 ゴジラもその姿を 現わした。 対決する両者は引き分 け、チタノザウルスは消え去った。

Titanosaurus, controlled by Katsura Mafune, a cyborg girl, attacks Yokosuka, and Godzilla also appears. The confrontation between the two ended in a draw, and Titanosaurus disappeared.

その後、修復が完了したメカゴ ジラとチタノザウルスの襲撃時、 逃げ遅れた子供の叫びに応えてゴ ジラが再び登場。 二大怪獣の猛攻 を受け、さすがのゴジラも苦戦す るが、 防衛科学陣の援護を得て 両怪獣を撃破するのであった。

After that, when the repaired MechaGodzilla and Titanosaurus attacked, Godzilla reappeared in response to the cry of a child who failed to escape. He was attacked by two giant monsters, and even Godzilla struggled, but he defeated both monsters with the support of the defense science team.

Godzilla molding

本作のメインスタッフには、作品のテーマや音楽などの雰囲気を、 可能な限り、第1作の頃に戻すとの思惑があったため、それは必然的にゴジラの造形にも波及したものと想像される。三大怪獣が勢揃いした本作の製作発表会の時点では、ゴジラの着ぐるみは前作そのままの状態であったが、撮影までの期 間に、各部への修正が施された。

The main staff of this work had the intention of returning the atmosphere of the work, such as the theme and music, to the time of the first work as much as possible, so it is imagined that this inevitably spread to the modeling of Godzilla. be done. At the time of the production press conference for this work, where the three major monsters were assembled, Godzilla’s costume was the same as the previous work, but modifications were made to each part before shooting.

特に手が入れられたのが頭部の顔つきで、かつての 『モスラ対ゴ ジラ』の頃を髣髴させる、強面で凄みのある雰囲気に処理された。

In particular, the facial features of the head were reworked, and were processed to give it a fierce and menacing atmosphere, reminiscent of the days of “Mothra vs. Godzilla.”



The costume used at the production presentation was the costume from the previous work

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Costume (suit)


The costume newly made for “Godzilla vs. Megalon” has been used in “Meteor Man Zone Fighter,” “Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla,” and many campaigns, and is also used in this work. It was cut from the same mold and newly manufactured, but although the body seems to have been repaired such as processing the mold, damage such as slack was seen in various places. As you can see in the photo, The heel part of the foot protrudes behind. It is a feature seen in the previous work, but in this work it is emphasized more than the previous work. It seems that the painting of nails etc. was suppressed compared to the previous work.

▲ ▶︎ 同じ型から抜かれたとはいえ、頭部の形状に大きく変化が見 られたのもこのゴジラの特徴のひとつ。目の形は前作より細めとなり、 若干奥の方に取り付けられたため、眉にあたる部分が突き出たように見えてしまいがち。額から背中に流れるトサカ状の突起 は、よりくっきり強調される造形になった。左ページの大写真と比 べるとよくわかるが、写真によって鼻が通常の時と潰れている時のものがある。これは撮影途中のアクシデントで潰れてしまったため で、修復が完全にはできなかったそうだ。頬の大きな凹凸にメリハリがつき、下顎にもいくらか若干の形状の違いが見られる。前作が 童顔だったのに対して、常に怒りを見せているかのような精悍な顔つきに変貌した

One of the characteristics of this Godzilla is that even though it was drawn from the same mold, there was a big change in the shape of the head. The shape of the eyes is narrower than the previous work, and since they are attached a little further back, the part that corresponds to the eyebrows tends to look like they are sticking out. The crest-shaped protrusion flowing from the forehead to the back is more clearly emphasized. As you can see clearly by comparing with the large photo on the left page, depending on the photo, there is one when the nose is normal and another when it is collapsed. This is because it was destroyed in an accident during filming, and it is said that it could not be completely restored. The large unevenness of the cheeks is sharp, and the lower jaw also has a slight difference in shape. While the previous work had a baby face, it has changed to a fearless face that seems to always show anger.

▶︎ 側面からのモールドの確認だけではなく、頬の途中や眉にあたる部分の途中まで、細かな突起が自然に配置されているのがわかる

In addition to confirming the mold from the side, you can see that fine protrusions are naturally arranged in the middle of the cheeks and the middle of the eyebrows.

◀︎ やや上からの頭部の様子がわかる1枚。頬から口先にかけてのラインが複数の曲線となり、鼻の横の膨らみも含めて、モスゴジのころの形状に似たものになっているのがわかる

One piece that shows the state of the head from slightly above. You can see that the line from the cheek to the tip of the mouth has multiple curves, and the shape, including the bulge on the side of the nose, resembles the shape of MosuGoji.

◀︎ 撮影待機中。横から見たモールドの状態がわかるが、首から胸へのラインが、前作に比べてストレートになっているのがわかる。そのため、首自体が細く見えてしまっている

Waiting for shooting. You can see the condition of the mold seen from the side, but you can see that the line from the neck to the chest is straighter than the previous work. Therefore, the neck itself looks thin

▶︎ 側面から見た全身。尻尾の長さがわかるが、上に大きく掲載したカラー写真と同様に、尻尾の付け根が前寄りになっているため、不自然なフォルムになってしまっている。背ビレは前作同様の位置。メガロゴジラの時のような自然な位置には戻っていない。背ビレの色も、しっかり全体的にシルバー系で塗られている

Whole body seen from the side. You can see the length of the tail, but as with the large color photo above, the base of the tail is leaning forward, giving it an unnatural shape. The dorsal fin is in the same position as the previous work. It has not returned to its natural position like MegaloGozilla. The color of the dorsal fin is also painted in a solid silver color.


躍動するゴジラ。激しい動きにともなって、各部で細 かいモールドが取れかかっているのが確認できる写真。さらに下腹部のたるみも目立ってしまう

Animated Godzilla. In this photo, you can see that fine molds are being removed in each part due to the vigorous movement. In addition, the sagging of the lower abdomen is also noticeable

▲ アオリのカットを撮るために、板の上に乗ったゴジラを大勢で持ち上 げた時の写真。修繕のたびに変わっていくのだろう。前2作の時とモー ルドの大小の差がはっきりわかるボディ

A photo of when Godzilla on a board was lifted by a large number of people in order to take a shot of the tilt. It will change with each repair. A body that clearly shows the difference between the previous two works and the size of his mold.

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Terror of MechaGodzilla

◀︎ チタノザウルスに噛みつかれるシーンの別アングル。フォルムもそうだが、首から胸にかけてのモールドもまっすぐ下に流れている。前作までとは違い、起伏がほとんどなくなっている。前作同様に、手の甲に細かな突起がつけられているのもわかる

Another angle of the scene where Titanosaurus bites. The form is the same, but the mold from the neck to the chest flows straight down. Unlike the previous work, the ups and downs are almost gone. Like the previous work, you can also see that the back of the hand has fine protrusions.

◀︎ チタノザウルスに噛みつかれるシーンの撮影の写真を2枚。背ビレに流れていく後頭部の突起のフォルムや側面のモールドがよくわかるが、首の部分にパーツの分割のラインが残っているのも確認できる

Two photos of the scene where the Titanosaurus bites. You can clearly see the form of the protrusion on the back of the head that flows into the dorsal fin and the mold on the side, but you can also see the line that divides the parts on the neck.

▲ チタノザウルスに蹴られて飛ばされてしまう時のシーンのもの。 尻尾の節のライン、横 からの背ビレの配列などがわかりやすい。 頭を下げたこの角度になると、下顎が突き出てしまう

The one of the scene when the Titanosaurus kicks and flies away. The lines of the joints on the tail and the arrangement of the dorsal fins from the side are easy to understand. At this angle with the head lowered, the lower jaw protrudes

▲ ラストシーンに登場した海ゴジラ。前作に登 場した偽ゴジラのスーツをそのまま使用したと思われる

Sea Godzilla that appeared in the last scene. It seems that the fake Godzilla suit that appeared in the previous work was used as it is.

▲ 77年の東宝チャンピオンまつり (2回目となる「キング コング対ゴジラ」 などを上映)のキャンペーンで使用された 本作の着ぐるみ。足首のあたりや下腹部のたるみが顕著だ

Costume of this work used in the campaign of the Toho Champion Festival in 1977 (the second “King Kong vs. Godzilla” etc. was screened). Remarkable sagging around the ankles and lower abdomen


Godzilla at the time of the production announcement of this work uses the costume of the previous work as it is. Although it does not appear in the play other than the live film, these official photos are Godzilla from “Terror of MechaGodzilla.” Let’s introduce these here as materials for the costume of the previous work.

▲ 正面からのアングル。尻尾の付け根は まだ前作の時のままなので、この後の修 復時に変えられたのだろう

Angle from the front. The base of the tail is still the same as it was in the previous work, so it must have been changed during the restoration after this.

▲ 頭部の様子がわかる写真。ボディのモールドも比較的密度がある

A picture showing the state of the head. The body mold is also relatively dense

◀︎ 横からの様子がわかる写真。背ビレの状態も前作のままだと思われる

A photo showing what it looks like from the side. The condition of the dorsal fin seems to be the same as the previous work

▲ 製作発表の時は、新規製作のメカゴジラ(「メカゴジラ2」は正式名称ではない)と新怪獣 チタノザウルスのお披露目も兼ねており、3怪獣で激しいパトルアクションも展開

At the time of the production announcement, the newly produced MechaGodzilla (“MechaGodzilla 2” is not an official name) and the new monster Titanosaurus will also be unveiled, and intense patrol action will be developed with the three monsters.

Source: Godzilla Graphic Collection (Hobby Japan, p 50-52)