Ghidorah’s Secrets


(10) 空とぶマッハ怪獣キングギドラ
Flying Mach (Speed) Monster King Ghidorah


King Ghidorah is the king of monsters when he comes tin a meteorite to destroy the earth from distant Venus. He is a big monster that flies in the air with his huge wings, swings his three terrifying heads, and is not afraid of anything.


It is 100 meters long and 150 meters long when its wings are spread, and its body weighs 30,000 tons, which is the same as a battleship. Moreover, the speed to fly in the air is tremendous, and it is a super speed of Mach 3 (time, 5,000 speed km).


When flying at such a tremendous speed, the shock wave generated at that time is terrifying. Even if you fly at a height of 300 meters, the glass of the building underneath is all dusty, and the roof tiles are wiped off.


It’s even more amazing at a height of 200 meters. The wooden house sways and tilts, the concrete building sways, and the weak spots are cracked. People walking on the table will be blown away by hundreds of meters in no time.


It would be great if you could jump through the low altitude of 100 meters. The temperature rises to hundreds of degrees in a blink of an eye, and anything on the ground rises. Even in concrete buildings, the walls are only peeled off, the steel frames are twisted, and tall buildings are collapsed. It looks exactly like the atomic bomb was dropped.


Japan’s land, sea, and air self-defense forces were dispatched to exterminate this terrifying large monster, but they were killed. That’s because King Ghidorah used his weapons and tactics.

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King Ghidorah Secrets

角 Horn
Serve as direction finder

引力ぶくろ Attraction sac
The source of gravitational rays

Fires numbness (sleep) liquid from the tip of the needles

Silicone springs that are harder than steel


Eyes that can see even at night


Ghidorah’s brain


Transmission in the head communicates commands sent from the brain to body movements


Transmission that conveys brain commands to the feet.

ギドラ腸 Ghidorah’s intestine
Turns anything into energy

Huge wings that can fly with Mach 3

Source: Kyle_Kilswitch @High_Flyers77