Big news announced yesterday about G-FEST XXIV. The announcement came via the G-Fan Magazine Fan Facebook page with the post, “Very excited to announce that Shin Godzilla co-director/vfx director Shinji Higuchi is returning to G-FEST this summer.” – J.D. Shinji Higuchi (樋口 真嗣) is the co-director of the Toho hit film Shin Godzilla. Higuchi-san is a storyboard artist, particularly in anime, and one of the top special effects supervisors in Japan, best known in the west for his work on Shusuke Kaneko’s Gamera trilogy in the 1990s (Wikipedia).

Also in attendance will be the world’s premiere kaiju artist, Yuji Kaida, and actor/stuntman (GFW, Ultra7, U-Nexus, U-Tiga, Garo) Ryuki Kitaoka.

G-FEST is the largest regular gathering of Godzilla and Japanese monster fans in the world. Held each summer, it typically attracts more than 1000 attendees, but has seen a gradual increase in attendance over the past few years. G-FEST XXIV will be held from July 14th to July 16th, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare.

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