From G-Fan 15 to 126


The latest G-Fan is out and has arrived in my mailbox. Issue #126 is the first issue of 2020 and with it comes a beautiful 2020 calendar full of photos from last year’s G-Fest and important Godzilla related dates. I was excited to see my work inside! Thanks to my friend Ed Holland of Monster Attack Team who wrote a great review of the big Godzilla anniversary event held in Godzilla Square in Hibiya, Tokyo, on November 2. His article is titled “Godzilla Fest 2019: 65th Anniversary Celebration” (pp 8-13).

G-Fan 126 Cover & Calendar

The article features a photo of the X-Plus MechaGodzilla Soft Vinyl Assembly Kit with the toy photography I created in collaboration with Jeremy Soles of Summit Kaiju International (p 10).

G-Fan 126 inside

On page 12, Ed provided the details about the box art and a brief quote expressing my gratitude for the opportunity to officially represent MechaGodzilla on behalf of X-Plus and Toho Co. Ltd.

G-Fan 126 inside

Later in this issue, Ed contributed another article, “The Rainbow Delight of X-Plus’ Ghidorah ’64,” featuring the three-headed dragon figure towering over Yokohama, Tokyo. The image is our collaboration. It is always an honor to appear in the pages of G-Fan. My deepest gratitude and thanks to Ed Holland and J.D. Lees, editor and publisher, who has published my few contributions over the years.

About a week ago, as I prepared for a discussion about G-Fest on Collect All Monsters Episode 1, I recalled my letter to G-Fan appearing in issue #15 (May/June 1995). I wrote to share my appreciation for the magazine and my first trip to Japan in 1994 at the time of the theatrical release of Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. During that trip, my friend Mike Temple took me around to various shops which I would not have found on my own. I’m so grateful for the great friends and great experiences I’ve had with them over the years. And G-Fan has been there to capture them. Thank you!