Four days and counting! My trip to Japan is almost here. I’m getting there with my preparation. I picked up the remainder of my packing list today. Now I’m ready to press and pack. My backpack is filling up and I’m trying to keep as light as possible. I hating pulling luggage across Japan especially up and down subway steps. Backpacking may be the only way for me travel to Japan from here on out.

I’m excited but I’m keeping it contained. Everyday I think of new places to visit. And there seems to be a new Godzilla event and promotion every day. I’d like to get back to Kamakura and visit Yokohama for the first time since it’s along the way from Tokyo. Some days are going to take more effort than others to go everywhere I’d like. I’m being ambitious. Here’s my tentative list of shops and places to go:

Thursday: Haneda Godzilla Places and Hibiya Toho Cinema Shin Godzilla statue
Friday: Godzilla Store, Hotel Gracery, Godzilla Shinjuku Places, Mandarake Shibuya
Thursday (Shopping Day): Nagano Broadway, Godzilla-ya, Ikebukuro, Ginza, Akihabara
Friday: Toho Studios, Kamakura and Yokohama

Nagoya: Osu Kannon Temple and Nagoya Castle
Osaka: Jungle, Mandarake, Osaka Castle, Twin21

As I think about the time spent on my flights and Shinkansen rides music is essential when enjoying Japan’s countryside. My memories of Japan are triggered with the music that left its mark upon every trip. I’d like to think I’ll watch Godzilla movies but that rarely works out. I usually watch as much Japanese TV when possible. When making plans for Japan you can never other think it. Tt’s easy to think you’ll do this and that but the reality on the ground has a way of changing plans. Don’t over pack taking things that may stay in your bag taking up space.

Last but not least here is one of my YouTube video for today: