Time flies. I haven’t been able to blog for weeks and my trip to Japan has come. Thursday I head for Asia for work and then rest in Japan for about two weeks. G-Fest will follow my trip to Japan in Chicago on July 14th. My itinerary has finally taken shape. There are a lot good things happening and I’m grateful to be part of them. In time I will talk about those things.

During this trip, I intended to visit all my favorite people and places going from Tokyo to Nagoya to Kyoto to Osaka and back to Tokyo again. This trip is all about Godzilla’s 65th Anniversary and my 25th anniversary of traveling to Japan. I will visit as many Godzilla 1954 places as possible. I’m really looking forward to my Nagoya walk from Nagoya Station to Nagoya TV tower to Osu Kannon shopping district for figure shopping at Mandarake, Jungle, Volts, and more. I missed out on the Nagoya Godzilla event there just several weeks ago. There are a few more Shin Godzilla places I’d like to find too.

Also on my list is the Eiji Tsuburaya Museum in Fukushima and the Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall in Tokyo. I will go to all the important Godzilla landmarks including Godzilla Square in Hibiya and Toho Studios.

I pushed the publication of the second issue of MyKaiju Magazine until I return from G-Fest in July. It’s almost done! I believe it will be a great issue, over 100 pages, full of photos and content. I think it will be well received and worth the wait. I’m certain that I will add at least an additional 12 pages of new content when I return home.

MyKaiju Magazine

This trip was made possible by many people especially my family. I’m so grateful to God for them. I’m looking forward to see my friends and spending quality time with them. I hope to share my experiences with you in a daily blog, if I’m not too exhausted. Please stay tune.