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Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (GODZILLA -怪獣惑星- Gojira: Kaiju Wakusei, also known as Godzilla Part 1: Planet of the Monsters and Godzilla: Monster Planet for short) is a 2017 Japanese computer-animated science fiction kaiju film featuring Godzilla, produced by Toho Animation and animated by Polygon Pictures. It is the 32nd film in the Godzilla franchise, the 30th Godzilla film produced by Toho, and the first animated film in the franchise. The film is the first…

Godzilla Resurgence

12 years and one Hollywood reboot later, Toho revives the Japanese Godzilla in a contemporary setting. 『シン・ゴジラ』(英題: GODZILLA Resurgence[1])は、2016年(平成28年)7月29日に公開予定の日本映画で、ゴジラシリーズの第29作である。『ゴジラ FINAL WARS』以来約12年ぶりの日本製作のゴジラシリーズとなる。総監督・脚本は庵野秀明、監督・特技監督は樋口真嗣、主演は長谷川博己。キャッチコピーは「現実対虚構」。

Godzilla (2014)

Fifteen years after an ‘incident’ at a Japanese nuclear power plant, physicist Joe Brody joins forces with his soldier son Ford to discover for themselves what really happened. What they uncover is prelude to global-threatening devastation. An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Evil Space Aliens called the Xilians unleashes all the Earth’s monsters to lay waste to most of the world’s major cities, including Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Shanghai and Paris. It is up to Godzilla and the Earth Defense Force to vanquish the monsters and aliens to rescue the world in the ultimate “Save the Earth” battle.

Forty-two years after her first visit in Tokyo, Mothra returns to warn mankind that they must return Mechagodzilla, along with Godzilla’s bones, to the sea, for the dead must not be disturbed. If not, dire consequences will follow. However, Godzilla is once again on the rampage, and Mechagodzilla is Japan’s only defense.

After the appearance of a new Gojira (Godzilla), the Japanese government builds a robotic Godzilla from the bones of the original monster that attacked Tokyo in 1954 to stop the beast. 『ゴジラ×メカゴジラ』(ゴジラたいメカゴジラ)は、2002年(平成14年)12月14日に公開された日本映画で、「ゴジラシリーズ」の第26作である。GMGと略される。併映は『とっとこハム太郎 ハムハムハムージャ!幻のプリンセス』。キャッチコピーは「砕け散るまで戦え!」「起動・共鳴・氷砕」。興行収入は19億1000万円、観客動員は170万人。

Godzilla returns to terrorize Japan! This time, however, Japan has two new weapons to defend themselves. The Gryphon, a high-tech ship, and the Dimension Tide, a device that creates artificial black holes! During a test of the Dimension Tide, eggs appear in the city of Shibuya and hatch into terrifying Meganurons! These creatures need water to grow and flood the city of Shibuya by breaking underground water veins. As they multiply and grow, they start…

Godzilla (1998)

When a freighter is viciously attacked in the Pacific Ocean, a team of experts — including biologist Niko Tatopoulos and scientists Elsie Chapman and Mendel Craven — concludes that an oversized reptile is the culprit. Before long, the giant lizard is loose in Manhattan, destroying everything within its reach. The team chases the monster to Madison Square Garden, where a brutal battle ensues.

Godzilla 2000 (1999)

Godzilla saves Tokyo from a flying saucer that transforms into the beast Orga. ゴジラ2000(ミレニアム) (公開日:1999年12月11日) 目撃せよ!ゴジラ新世紀 北海道・納沙布岬に突如出現した巨大な怪獣は、1954年に東京に上陸したゴジラに続く、第2のゴジラであった。一方、日本海溝付近で発見された謎の岩塊から巨大なUFOが出現し、茨城県に出現したゴジラに向け日本上空へと飛来する。かくして、ゴジラ対巨大UFOの戦いが勃発するのであった。やがてUFOは正体を現す。それはゴジラ胎内の細胞を採り入れることで進化する宇宙怪獣オルガであった!Godzilla 2000 (Millennium) Witness! The New Century of Godzilla! Suddenly a new gigantic monster appears in Cape Nosappu of Hokkaido. This is the Second Godzilla since the first Godzilla appeared in Japan in 1954. While a gigantic UFO appears from a mysterious rock in the area of the Japan Trench flying toward in to the Ibaraki prefecture of Japan…

The aftermath of the Oxygen Destroyer brings forth Destoroyah, a beast intent on killing Godzilla, who is on the verge of a nuclear meltdown. ゴジラVSデストロイア (公開日:1995年12月09日) ゴジラ死す。赤く燃え盛る姿で香港に上陸したゴジラは、赤い熱線を吐き香港市街を蹂躙。その赤い姿はいつ核爆発を起こしてもおかしくない状態を示唆していた。一方、東京湾岸近辺に怪物が出現。その正体はかつてゴジラを葬った際に使用したオキシジェン・デストロイヤーの影響で異常進化を遂げた恐るべき生物デストロイアであった。ゴジラのメルト による地球崩壊を阻止すべく、デストロイアを利用したゴジラ 撃滅作戦が切って落とされる!Godzilla vs Destroyah: Godzilla dies. Godzilla burning bright red comes ashore in Hong Hong trampling and setting ablaze its streets with his red atomic breath. His red appearance is a serious situation and may cause a nuclear explosion. On one hand, a monster appears in Tokyo Bay….