G-Fest is here! Are you ready? Are you going? It will be my fourth year in a row to attend G-Fest in Chicago. This is the 25th anniversary and I’m looking forward to it. Hope to see the guests, attendees, and all my friends from facebook and social media. There’s always something for every Godzilla fan. Take a look at the schedule. J.D. Lees and his team do a great job every year!

G-Fest 25

Once again this year I will be part of the Summit Kaiju Creative Contest panel held on Saturday at 11 am in Ballroom 1. The Summit Kaiju panel will be unveiling an animated short film featuring a new CGI kaiju and revealing the winners of the Online Creative Photo Contest. I will be joining a great group of people, Godzilla fans, and artists: Jeremy Soles, Rich Eso, Kyle Yount, Jessica Tseang, Christine Chapin, David Eric Dopko, Jon D. Bumpus, Jessica Etchells, Leslie Chambers, and David Galindo. Follow Summit Kaiju on Facebook and plan to enter the contest next year.

This year’s special guests for G-FEST XXV include actor Megumi Odaka, suit and model maker Keizo Murase, suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma, Ultimate Fighting Champion and actor Don Frye, actor Robert Scott Field, and model maker and model supervisor Gene Rizzardi. There’s nothing like Artist Alley and the Dealers Room. Hope to see you there.