G-Fan is 25! G-Fan #118 has arrived celebrating its 25th Anniversary Issue! G-Fan has been a consistent presence and voice for the North American Godzilla community for 25 years. For all these years, fans continue to look forward to the latest issue that is full of great Godzilla and kaiju related articles, information, conversations, tributes, illustrations and photography.

G-Fan #118

G-Fan #118 does not disappoint from front cover to back cover. This issue celebrates 25 years of incredible cover art. Nestled inside is a wonderful pullout poster covered in G-Fan covers. I was honored to create the cover art for issue #111 several years ago. It was an honor to see the cover again and to receive mention in this issue. Many thanks J. D. Lees for the opportunity to create that cover and congratulates to him for 25 years of G-Fan.

G-Fan #118

G-Fan #118 is bursting at the seams with its 82-pages. This issue is highlighted by the Memories of Haruo Nakajima, whom we dearly miss. There is a great interview of Rich Eso of Fresh Vinyl in the article, The Scent of a Kaiju. G-Fan #118 celebrates Minya’s 50th birthday, chronicles Toho major stars and actors, remembers G-Fest 24 and more.

G-Fan #118 Poster

If you don’t have, get your copy and enjoy!