From the Osaka Godzilla Store

12.28.2020 (updated 1.15.2021)

I am on twitter more than any other social media platform. Every evening and morning I’m on twitter looking for Godzilla news, updates and information on coming releases. There are so many great twitter accounts to follow. And every so often I’m blessed with a surprise that brings a big smile to my face. This morning the new Godzilla Store in Osaka account (ゴジラ・ストアOsaka @GodzillaS_Osaka) posted these photos, one of which features the X-Plus Toho Daikaiju Series MechaGodzilla Soft Vinyl Assembly Kit (エクスプラス 少年リック 東宝大怪獣シリーズ メカゴジラ ソフビ組立キット), which bears the MyKaiju box art created in collaboration with Summit Kaiju International.

It is a great honor to have been permitted to create Godzilla art that is officially recognized and licensed by Toho Co. Ltd. Thank you X-Plus and Toho!