Face of Godzilla 1975



One of the characteristics of this Godzilla is that the shape of the head has changed significantly even though it was removed from the same mold. The shape of the eyes is thinner than the previous work, and since it is attached to the back a little, the part that hits the eyebrows tends to look like it is sticking out. The crest-shaped protrusions that flow from the forehead to the back have become more clearly emphasized. As you can see from the large photo on the left page, there are some photos when the nose is normal and some when it is crushed. This was because it was crushed by an accident during shooting, and it seems that it could not be completely repaired. The large irregularities on the cheeks are sharp, and the lower jaw also has some slight differences in shape. While the previous work had a baby face, it changed to a delicate look as if he was always angry.