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Double Box Day


Box Day is sweet and today is sweeter. I received a couple coveted items in the mail. They are simple inexpensive paper items but are significant to my love for Shin Godzilla. First up is the Shin Godzilla Script Notebook (Final decision document version) シン・ゴジラ台本(最終決定稿ver.)ノート. Although there is only simple note paper inside, it has the cool handwritten marker rendering of Shin Godzilla across the front. It’s very reminiscent of the Gojira 1954 script. It will make a great addition beside my Shodai script.

Second, the Shin Godzilla Structural Analysis Diagram Poster (【シン・ゴジラ】構造解析図ポスター) arrived. A beautiful poster that’ll make you feel you just discovered opened the envelope left behind by Prof. Goro Maki aboard his pleasure boat, the Glory Maki.


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Congratulations to Shin Godzilla