Director biographies in which each individual shines



Director biographies in which each individual shines


Eiji Tsuburaya and Ishiro Honda are the representative directors of the Godzilla series, but it must be remembered that there were other directors who directed Godzilla movies full of individuality.


Motoyoshi Oda, who directed “Godzilla Raids Again,” was able to capture the true meaning of the script and finish it in a home drama style, while Director Honda was directing “Godzilla” in a documentary style. Being a director from before the war, the solid camera work is rare in the Godzilla series. This is the first and last Godzilla series directed by Oda.


Speaking of only one director, it is also the director Yoshimitsu Banno of “Godzilla vs. Hedorah.” Maybe because he worked on many documentary works, he showed us a strange Godzilla movie.


Jun Fukuda is one of the directors who directed the latter half of the Godzilla series and showed us a new image of Godzilla. Director Fukuda, who worked on the “Wakadaisho” series and action movies, was in charge of the Godzilla series for the first time in “Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.” If you make a bright and fun monster movie, no one in Japan will be second to none.

The Wakadaisho series is a series of films starring Yuzo Kayama and Kunie Tanaka. The first film in the series was Daigaku no Wakadaisho from 1961. Masao Kusakari portrayed the role of Wakadaisho in two other films.

また、長いこと特撮カメラマンとして円谷英二とともにすごし、『ゴジラの息子』『怪獣総進撃』で特技監督を務めあげた有川貞昌の存在も忘れがたいが、なんといっても円谷英 二亡きあとの日本の特撮を背負って立った中野昭慶は日本特撮界にとっては貴重な人物といえるだろう。

Also, we can’t forget the existence of Sadamasa Arikawa, who spent a long time with Eiji Tsuburaya as a special effects photographer and served as a special effects director for “Son of Godzilla” and “Destroy All Monsters,” but after all, Japan after the death of Eiji Tsuburaya. Teruyoshi Nakano, who stood on his back with the special effects of, can be said to be a valuable person for the Japanese special effects world.

円谷英二のもとで長く特撮助監督を担当していた中野氏は、『ゴジラ対メカゴジラ』で特技監督に昇格。以後『日本沈没』 『連合艦 隊』『ゴジラ』(一九八四年)などを手がけてきた。

Mr. Nakano, who had been in charge of special effects assistant director for a long time under Eiji Tsuburaya, was promoted to special effects director in “Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla.” Since then, he has worked on “Japan Sinks,” “Combined Fleet,” and “Godzilla” (1984).

「世界広しといえども、爆破シーンを撮らせ たら中野昭慶の右に出る者はいない」とまで いわれている、火薬を使用した撮影では伝説 の人物としてファンから崇められている。なお、円谷監督は「キャメラが回せて演技 「指導できる」人間を特技監督に推薦していた。

It is said that even if it is widespread in the world, there is no one better than Teruyoshi Nakano when shooting the explosion scene, and it is worshiped by fans as a legendary person in shooting with gunpowder. In addition, Director Tsuburaya recommended a person who can “instruct” acting by turning the camera as a special effects director.


大プールでの中野昭慶特技監督。 新作「ゴジラ」 撮影中の一枚
Special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano in the large pool. New work “Godzilla” one piece during shooting

Source: 大怪獣ゴジラ99の謎, PP 200-201