I am back in Japan, my favorite destination on earth. After a week of work in Manila, I’m here to play! And everything is Godzilla. Day one I hit the ground running in Tokyo. I arrive in Hanaeda early in the morning. Upon arrival I picked up my pocket WiFi, my rail pass, exchanged some currency, acquired a Pasmo card and boarded the Keisei line to Asakusa.

Haneda Airport Rail Pass Office

Today, my good friend and I took to Tokyo streets and subway making our way to Mandarake Shibuya. Before flying to Japan I did some searching on their site and found a figure I really wanted! So I made my way there immediately. It was pricey but worth it. The identity of the figure is a secret. I’m looking forward to doing some creative shots with this great figure in the near future.

Godzilla Store 7.1.19

After lunch we made our way to Shinjuku to see some Godzilla places. The first spot was the Godzilla Store. I stocked up on some great items. My friend surprised me with a wonderful gift that I’ll share later. She’s the best! I love her dearly. The Godzilla Store gets better with every visit. There is so much variety and more to buy. The X-Plus Hibiya Godzilla Statue figure is impressive.


Lastly, we journeyed through Godzilla 1984 and 1991 places. It was a rainy and overcast day but the photos should be good. I intended to publish MyKaiju Magazine before my trip. But I’m so glad I did not. There’s so much more I can add to the next issue. I will have at least four more articles and many more photos. The issue may climb to 150 pages.

My second day is beginning shortly. I’m going to a special and sacred place today. I feel emotional already. I’m so looking forward to this day. I’m still figuring out what I will do this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow I will head for Nagoya.