My trip is winding down but not the good times. I spent the day wifth my special friend going to more Godzilla places and shops in Akihabara. But first, I had some unfinished business to take care of a Tamagawasengen Shrine, where I missed this important Shin Godzilla scene and place.

Shin Godzilla place

Next we headed for Sunshine City followed by a great meal at the vegetarian restaurant Soar Ain Soph in Ikebukuro. The next stop was the shops at Electric Town in Akihabara including Mandarake and the new spinoff Jungle Tokusatsu shop. The last act was another screening of Godzilla King of the Monsters at Toho Cinema in Hibiya Godzilla Square.

Hibiya Godzilla SquareHeisei Godzilla Statue

The day ended with a night walk to the Wako Building in Ginza. Tomorrow is my last day. I’m headed for Toho Studios and one more stop at the Godzilla Store to wrap up this trip to Japan. There’s so much more to share in the days and weeks ahead.

Wako Building in Ginza