Today was another travel day that began in Shinjuku with a brief stop at the Godzilla Head. The weather has been rainy and cloudy which is expected for the rainy season. Some days have been wet, while others hot and dry. Regardless, Godzilla is always looking down on us from his perch atop Hotel Gracery.

Godzilla Head in ShinjukuGodzilla Head in Shinjuku

Next stop was a quick run through the shops at Broadway before heading to my main destination of Yokosuka to visit my great friend and leader of Monster Attack Team Ed Holland. Nakano Broadway is paradise for collecting with Mandarake shops everywhere and many others in between covering four floors. It’s overwhelming and never disappoints. I didn’t buy much as planned but I found two more good books to add to my shelves. This has been a good trip for book collecting.

Mandarake at Nakano BroadwayMandarake at Nakano BroadwayMandarake at Nakano BroadwayMandarake at Nakano Broadway

Upon arrival in Yokosuka, an important military base for both the US and Japan, Ed pointed out to me two Godzilla places from the Terror of MechaGodzilla. Do you recognize this street? Hint: It was turned upside down. The big event for the evening was seeing Godzilla King of the Monsters on the big screen. My day ended with Ed gifting me and sharing with me his many unique experiences in and contributions to Godzilla history. Thanks to Ed for his friendship and for having me down to his place.

Godzilla 1975 Place in Yokosuka