Day 6 was a simple day of travel. It’s a 3 hour ride on the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo. Today, I felt more confident and comfortable making such long trips across Japan, even making quick detours on subway lines and stations to destinations. On my way, I was greeted briefly by a special cloudy resident of Japan. Today turned out to be a day of rest and recuperation. I made one stop before retiring to my room for a needed nap. Later in the early evening I went on a brief shopping run in Asakusa.

Mt Fuji

My list of Godzilla 1954 places is growing steadily complete. This afternoon I made a brief stop at the National Diet Building, which Godzilla, Kong, and Mothra have wrecked over the years. The Diet is a beautiful structure making for an iconic scene.

Japan National Diet BuildingJapan National Diet Building

Asakusa is a favorite tourist spot and going there confirmed it. Tourist were everywhere creating a buzz late into the afternoon and early evening. There was a special Godzilla something that I’ve been wanting for a long time. After some internet research and quick look through the shops there, I found it! It’s not identical to the film prop but it’s a close enough representation. I will share what it is later. It wasn’t expensive but it will be a challenge to get it home. I may have to ship it.

Tokyo Sky TreeAsakusa

Today was just what I needed before the home stretch. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the Godzilla head and Godzilla Store, and maybe visit Toho Studios if time permits before heading down to Yokosuka to see my dear friend.