Day 5 in Japan


Day 5 definitely topped the previous days. It’ll be difficult to beat this one. And I can’t discuss it! But I can write about what lead up to it. In the weeks and months ahead I can disclose all the awesomeness that happened this day. The day started as planned with a trip to Godzilla places in Osaka. It was intense walking and so exhausting but yet so satisfying especially when I found all the right places and the right spots where all the Godzilla cinematic magic went down. They were not easily to find. But it was a beautiful day to go sightseeing. Osaka Castle was my primary destination and it’s way bigger and cooler than I thought. After walking around it and through it several times, I found all the Godzilla Raids Again 1955 spots I was looking for and a few Godzilla vs Biollante 1989 places too. Thoroughly exhausted I retreated to my hotel for a shower and sleep before the day’s main attraction of which I’m sworn to secrecy. Here are some of the iconic senses I snapped.

Osaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka Castle