Day 3 was a day of travel from Tokyo to Nagoya via the Shinkansen demonstrating the value of the Japan Rail Pass, a requirement for every tourist traveling across Japan. It is about two hours in travel time. The Shinkansen out of Tokyo goes out of Shinjuku Station. So I couldn’t avoid getting more shots of one of my favorite Shin Godzilla places.

Shinjuku Station

Upon arrival in Nagoya, I hit the ground walking making my favorite trek across town from the station to Osu Kannon shopping streets and back. It’s for nostalgia and fond memories of living here that keeps me coming back here.

Nagoya Station

As I do so whenever I’m in Nagoya, I go the way of Godzilla in Mothra vs Godzilla 1964. I make my way to Nagoya TV tower passing by the Panasonic building. Construction is underway on the park around the tower. So I took a detour and headed toward my favorite shops: Big Off, VOLTS, Kids Hobby Land, Antique Toy Shop, Jungle, and Mandarake.

Nagoya Panasonic buildingNagoya TV Tower

I saw some great Godzilla and Ultraman figures and collectibles. Some I will order when I return home. I picked up a couple very inexpensive Godzilla books for about $5 each from Book Off.

Mandarake NagoyaMandarake NagoyaMandarake NagoyaMandarake Nagoya

Trivia question: What Godzilla character would have shopped here?

Regal Shoes in Nagoya Station

After a spaghetti meal in Nagoya Station and the short walk to my hotel, Just Inn, the day ended by rush hour because I was exhausted. Interestingly, my hotel is a Godzilla vs Mothra 1992 place! Tomorrow I’ll visit a few more places before heading to Osaka.