Dating in Godzilla 1954



In “Godzilla,” two million years ago is the Jurassic period, which greatly deviates from the established theory of actual archeology, the theory that Godzilla dared to have the meaning of being human itself in the era when mankind was born, and a theory that it is a number that even children can relate. According to Shigeru Kayama’s other writings, in ‘Horror Island’ written in 1948, 5 million years ago is the Jurassic period. In the “Yochoki” written in 1958, the Jurassic period is older than 200 million years, and there is a great deal of variation depending on the work. It was pointed out in the book “Dinosaur Kingdom” released in 1955, and since “Godzilla Raids Again” the correct year is given, so there may have been some influence.

Source: ゴジラ最強読本, p 155