It has been a while since I try to create another Godzilla theatrical poster. After the latest X-Plus release of Baragon with the Ric toy Varan, the next poster was had to be Destroy All Monsters. I had little confidence I could pull it off when I began yesterday. Although I had all but two of the eleven daikaiju for DAM, I had enough to go for it.

Poster processPoster processPoster processPoster process

After several hours of Photoshop masking around each photo, I had no idea of how I could best match the background of poster. So I headed off to sleep knowing the mind finds solutions when you sleep. And in the morning the best approach was waiting for me. I decided to use a blue outerspace photo rather than the pink/orange background of the poster below. And it worked. Adding Mt Fuji made sense. The faded skyline is from a Mothra movie still.

Recreated Destroy All Monsters Theatrical Poster

Recreating the tokusatsu effects, title, and credits are the most fun but also the most challenging. The music notes wore me out. Matching the staff names required many searches on Google Japan. All but two figures are X-Plus figures. Unfortunately, I had to use the Final Wars Kumonga. One day when I find the X-Plus version, I will replace it. The Photoshop file was 1.75GB with dozens of layers. Overall I’m satisfied. I am grateful for the kinds words of support on the Godzilla Facebook pages.

Original Destroy All Monsters Theatrical PosterOriginal Destroy All Monsters Theatrical Poster