Crunchyroll Loves Godzilla


Today Crunchyroll is announcing the first Crunchyroll Loves collection of 2021 featuring the legendary monster franchise, GODZILLA. The Crunchyroll Loves: GODZILLA [2021] collection will include fourteen limited edition items including three long-sleeved shirts, three t-shirts, three hoodies, a sweatshirt, three figures, and a collector’s book. The exclusive streetwear collection captures the God of Destruction and its famous kaiju “frenemies” across three hoodies, one sweatshirt, three long-sleeve shirts, and three short-sleeve shirts.

Additionally, Crunchyroll Loves will release three never-before-seen Medicom figures that capture a more playful side of GODZILLA as well as a collector’s book that memorializes iconic GODZILLA masterpieces throughout the years. Crunchyroll Loves collaborated with Medicom Toy, a Japanese brand that creates collectible figures, to release the three GODZILLA figures.

“GODZILLA: Cover Compendium” is an 80-page art book from IDW Publishing that will highlight their multiple comic series. The book cover was designed exclusively by Crystal Cheung for this Crunchyroll Loves collection. It will feature King Ghidorah, Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, Mechagodzilla, Hedorah, Titanosaurus, and many more from a wide variety of artists including Arthur Adams, Eric Powell, James Stoke, Bob Eggleton, and Jeff Zornow.

All items will be available for pre-order from February 25 – March 8 on the Crunchyroll Store, and once the pre-order comes to an end, this collection will no longer be available.

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