Box Days Archive 1


Welcome to the MyKaiju Box Day page. Please check back from time to time to see the latest collectible deliveries. Every month is full of box days. And theses boxes are loaded with books, figures, grails, and more. This is page is here to chronicle them as they come in.

Box Days | Archive 1


Original Son of Godzilla Ad

Straight out of 1967 comes a piece of history. This clip promotes the theatrical release of Son of Godzilla on December 16th. Learn more



Shochan Godzilla Karuta


Karuta is an old card game. This Godzilla karuta is full of beautiful art. Learn More



Godzilla Revival Festival 1983

Ticket stubs are a great piece of Godzilla history. And this ゴジラ復活フェスティバル1983 is just that. More on this soon.



The Declaration of Godzilla & Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Encyclopedia

I never grow tired of books. I always avoided getting The Declaration of Godzilla (ニューウェイブ世代のゴジラ宣言) until I saw what was inside. Great book! Along with it, I picked up Keibunsha’s Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (ゴジラvsキングギドラ大百科). Both are packed with great content! Mandarake and DHL deliver again.



Atlantis Models Godzilla King of the Monsters Plastic Model Kit

The return of the classic 1969 Aurora Godzilla model kit with all the original parts plus an extra glow in the dark tree of parts. The feelings of nostalgia are so strong with this one! Pick one up from Amazon.



Bandai Real Hobby Series no. 5 Godzilla

バンダイ REAL HOBBY SERIES no.5 大怪獣ゴジラ現わる

An unexpected trip to a local toy shop turned up this vintage prize. The model kit is intact inside and the small parts are still set inside plastic bag. Released in 1983.



Popy KuruKuru Terevi Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla Cassette

ポビー くるくるてれび カセット

The impossible has happened! I honestly didn’t think I would ever get this Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla cassette for my KuruKuru Terev. But the impossible has happened. Stay tuned! I’m going to try to watch and record it. Learn more



Godzilla Original Soundtrack

Oh the memories! Arriving at DHL hyperspeed and efficiency is the Star Child Godzilla Original Soundtrack audio cassette type released in 1984. Growing up audio tapes were everything. Learn more



X-Plus Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah 2001

I passed up on this one and so regretted it. And I also missed out on the special Baragon and Mothra 2001 set. The GMK set of figures are amazing and belong in every X-Plus Godzilla collection. Thanks to fellow Godzilla friend and collector James, I got this beautiful Ghidorah!



GHINORAH by Noger Chen Nog Toy

Presenting Ghinorah created by Noger Chen. We have another great figure to go along with Nozilla. Ghinorah is Chen’s imaginary famous schoolmate who is famous, snobby, naughty, strong, and the king of dodgeball. The figure is a 15cm and made of vinyl. He comes with a Nozilla figure, 3 player cards, and a dodgeball. Available at

GHINORAH by Noger Chen Nog Toy


Vinyl Conflict: The World of Godzilla Toys (Peekaboo Gallery)

A beautifully printed and laid out book! A must for the Godzilla collector! High informative and well-documented history of Godzilla collectibles. It is over 300 pages and is fully-illustrated history of all three Godzilla eras. This is the work and collection of Mark Livolsi and Sean Linkenback provides the historical context.



Popy KuruKuru Terevi Cassette

ポビー くるくるてれび カセット

I learned about this vintage Japanese toy only a couple weeks ago. KuruKuru Terevi is a film viewer for kids. I found and purchased these items, KuruKuru Terevi Ultraman from Buyee Japan and Tiger Mask cassette from Kimono My House on eBay. Both are boxed and appear to be in excellent condition and to have not ever been opened. Obvious these are not Godzilla collectibles, but I got these for a reason. Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974) cassette was also made for the player. Check it out!



Godzilla Ticket Stubs

These are by far my best bid. I just hit the jackpot for Godzilla ticket stubs. When I saw Godzilla vs Space Godzilla on my first trip to Japan back in 1984, my ticket was just a bland stamped white movie ticket. So when I saw these I had to have them. The Godzilla 1984 ticket is the prize! Learn More


Kotobukiya DAG-MBS-SXX Super X II

コトブキヤ スーパーXⅡ完成

I so regretted missing out on this kit when it was released several years ago. I saw it available online from time to time but the price turned me away until a week ago. I really wanted more representations of vehicles from Godzilla movies. And the Super X is at the top of my list. Type 92 Maser Beam Tank is included. This is a 1/144-scale model kit made by Kotobukiya. I’m looking forward to its assembly.



Toho SFX Movies Authentic Visual Book

東宝特撮 公式ヴィジュアル・ブック

I can’t enough of these. I gotta get them all. And so far I’m only missing about six. Each book is about 32 pages full of color and black-and-white rare production photography. They are very inexpensive (about 1000 yen), but they are exclusively available at the Godzilla Store in Japan and on Godzilla.Store. These are great source material for research. Collectors can quickly build a robust collection of books. And these books are bilingual (Japanese and English).



X-Plus Defo Real Godzilla 1974 Ric

デフォリアル ゴジラ(1974)

When X-Plus announced this figure, I was all over it and I had to go ric. And the figure is every bit worthy of collecting. The Defo Real series is great and also makes a great place to start building an X-Plus Godzilla collection. Representations of Godzilla 1974 are few. So this was a must. And the addition of the Space Alien from the Third Planet from the Black Hole took this way over the top! My Defo figures need shelves all to themselves.



Box Daze

Mandarake keeps my bookshelves full. Another stack arrived which included: Godzilla Complete works (ゴジラ大全集), Godzilla Toy Museum (ゴジラToy博物館), TV Magazine Great Encyclopedia Godzilla vs Destoroyah Secret Encyclopedia (テレビマガシンフレート百科 ゴジラvsデストロイアひみつ大図鑑), Kine Shun Mook Godzilla Encyclopedia (キネ旬ムック ゴジラ大図鑑), Gakken Godzilla vs All The Monsters (ゴジラvsオール怪獣‼︎‼︎) and Keibunsha Godzilla vs Megagirasu Encyclopedia (ケイブンシャの大百科 ゴジラxメガギラス 大百科)