Another year and another vacation in Florida turns up a great find at Mark’s Comics and Collectibles. I almost missed them but there they were, the Medicom Bear Model Godzilla 1974 and Giant Hedorah. I couldn’t leave without them. It was about a year ago to the day that my brother brought me the large size Godzilla 2014. Mark’s Comics is a small store that packs a big punch. Great collectibles in a small space.

Soft Vinyl Giant Hedora Vinyl Wars
23cm Bear Model Godzilla 1974 (No.#3)
ベアモデル ゴジラ1974(ゴジラ対メカゴジラ)ゴジラバイナルウォーズ第3弾, 全高約230mm

Soft Vinyl Giant Hedora Vinyl Wars
35cm Soft Vinyl Giant Hedorah (Godzilla Vinyl Wars No.#2)
ソフビライフ ジャイアントヘドラ ゴジラバイナルウォーズ第2弾, 2014年11月末日発送予定, 全高約350㎜)