Book Bag


I am back in Japan and I’m happy. I hope to get the most out of my time here to find as much G stuff as possible. First stop, local book shops. With the help of my good Japanese student Michael I rounded up a few good items.

new books
(1) ゴジラ キャラクター大全 東宝特撮映画全史, (2) ゴジラ キャラクター大全 東宝特撮映画全史, (3) 怪獣人生~元祖ゴジラ俳優, and (4) ウルトラマン まちがいさがしブック

ゴジラ キャラクター大全 東宝特撮映画全史 is “Godzilla All Characters” Toho 60th Anniversary book. It’s 176 pages with a mix of color and black and white photography documenting Godzilla from 1954 to 2014. It cost 3800 yen and worth the buy.

ゴジラ (グレッグ・コックス) is the Japanese translation of the Godzilla 2014 official novelization (365pp, 680 yen). It’s a small box approximately 4×5 inches. No pictures.

怪獣人生~元祖ゴジラ俳優 is about Mr. Godzilla, Haruo Nakajima (304pp, 925 yen). It has beautiful black and white photos of Nakajima in the Godzilla suit on set. Great buy!

ウルトラマン まちがいさがしブック is an inexpensive child’s book (128pp, 556 yen).