Blu Day


The coronavirus crisis has kept the world at home. Many now work from home. I’ve been fortunate to work from home for the last five years. But my workspace technology needed a major upgrade. My 2012 iMac had seen its best days. It was time to update and upgrade especially support for my model is coming to an end. So several weeks ago, I purchased to the latest Mac Mini with SSD hard drive and I installed 32GB of RAM. Now it flies! And my Adobe Creative Cloud applications open within seconds. My friends blessed and gifted me with two 27-inch monitors. And I added an external 2TB SSD drive along with some other accessories. Now I’m ready to work except for one more thing.

Today, I ordered and picked up clubside an LG Blu-ray player from BestBuy so I could enjoy my Godzilla blu-rays on my 4K monitor while I work on the other. A couple days ago, I had a Blu-Day rather than a Box Day. I received the blu-ray version of Godzilla 1984 from Amazon Japan! This along with the recently released The Criterion Collection Godzilla Showa-Era films will be playing regularly on a monitor near me!

I’m looking forward to watching Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla next followed by Shin Godzilla. I will be slowing building an official Godzilla Heisei blu-ray collection next!