Black Hole Monkey


BH第三惑星人の マスクはロングセラー
Black Hole Third Planet Mask is a long-selling product

『ゴジラ対メカゴジラ」のブラック ホール第三惑星人の正体である猿人 のマスクは、キャラクターマスクの 老舗「オガワゴム」の猿人マスクに若干の改造を加えたものを使用していたことはよく知られている。同じ原型を使った後継会社「オガワスタジオ」で販売中だ。 商品名「U1 黒サルBlack monkey」がそれ。価格 3600円(税別)。

It is well known that the true identity of the Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole in “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla,” is a slightly modified version of the well-known Monkey Mask of the long-established character mask “Ogawa Gomu.” It is on sale at the successor company “Ogawa Studios” that uses the same prototype. The product name is “U1 Black Monkey.” Price 3600 yen (tax not included).

Source: 別冊映画秘宝 昭和メカゴジラ鋼鉄図鑑 (洋泉社MOOK 別冊映画秘宝), p 128

OGAWA STUDIOS.INC is a toy maker headquartered in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. Founded in 1905 as Ogawa Rubber Factory. Reorganized into a corporation as Ogawa Rubber Co., Ltd. in 1951. Initially, it was manufacturing rubber balloons, but when it released the rubber mask of “Planet of the Apes” in the 1970s, it became a hit, and after that it shifted to the production of rubber masks.(Source: Wikipedia)