Birth of Tsuburaya Special Effects Director with “Godzilla Raids Again”


1954~68 GODZILLA
“Godzilla is a spirit that challenges newness”

Sadamasa Arikawa

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Birth of Tsuburaya Special Effects Director with “Godzilla Raids Again”

◆ 広いステージが使えた!
We could use a large stage!


I had heard rumors that “Godzilla” was a hit and that they were going to do a sequel, but it wasn’t until a month or two after the release of “Godzilla” that Mr. Tsuburaya officially talked about it. “Arikawa-kun, you’re going to do Godzilla again,” he casually said. Mr. Tsuburaya is a quiet person and doesn’t show his emotions much, but he must have been happy in his heart. We thought it was good from the bottom of our hearts. Making a sequel is proof that “Godzilla” was successful, and it’s a relief to have found a job.

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After “Godzilla,” we were shooting “Invisible Man,” but when it was decided that “Godzilla Raids Again” (1955) was the next, I wanted to finish this movie as soon as possible. It was completely different from other movies. Mr. Tsuburaya was credited as a “special technique” in “Godzilla,” but in the second work “Godzilla Raids “Again he will be a “special technique director.” I was happy that special effects could finally come out in the sun. The treatment at the studio has improved considerably, and the number of behind-the-scenes staff has increased considerably. What I was most grateful for was being able to use a large stage. “Oh, this time we can do it on this huge stage” “Even if it’s blue, the ceiling won’t fit.” We felt like we were accepted.


Mr. Tsuburaya’s first hit made it possible to use a large studio. They weren’t just happy like we were, and with ‘Godzilla Raids Again,’ the whole company seemed to be in the mood to do it. We’re confident that the first one went well. But maybe that’s what made you think so, I walked into the stage with my chest held high, without the timid anxiety I had in the first film.



The hit of the first work made it possible to use a large studio (second work “Godzilla Raids Again”)

Source: ゴジラ•デイズ ゴジラ映画クロニクル 1954-1998, p 233-235