Today was a Big Bad Box Day with Battra the Big Bad Beautiful Bug inside. X-Plus has done it again with the release of the 30cm Series Battra ( 東宝30cmシリーズ 「バトラ(幼虫)」 少年リック限定版 ). A monster of a figure beautifully sculpted, detailed, and painted. The accuracy is insane even down to the lines in Battra’s head are on point. The translucent horn is the figures crown. I thought nothing only a garage kit could surpass it in quality. There’s nothing wrong with this figure except extra shelf space is needed. It is surprisingly light for its size. I highly recommend it to every X-Plus collector.


〈商品サイズ〉全高/Height:約/About 30cm、全長/Length:約50cm
〈材質/Material〉PVC(ソフビ/Soft Vinyl)
〈価格/Priace〉19,980円(税込)About $190

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