Baragon and Gorosaurus


大怪獣シリーズ 7
Large Monster Series 7

バラゴン Baragon
ゴロザウルス Gorosaurus

大怪獣シリーズ Large Monster Series
バラゴン Baragon

地底怪獣 バラゴン
Underground Monster Baragon

マグマ光線袋 Magma ray bag
心臓 Heart
胃 Stomach
肺 Lung
腸 Intestines
バネ筋肉 Spring muscle

身長 • 25メートル 体重 • 250トン
Height, 25 meters, weight 250 tons


The underground monster Baragon that appeared at Mt. Shirane crater lake in Gunma prefecture in August 1965 was awesome.

いきなり現われたかと思うと、バンガ ローにいた学生たちをバリバリたべちゃったのだ。肉食で残忍、血も涙もない怪獣である。その証拠に、このふてぶてしい顔はどうだろう。とびでた角といい、マンモスみたいな耳といい、実に生意気そうではないか!!

Suddenly, he ate the students in a bungalow. A carnivorous, brutal, bloodless and tearless monster. What about his humorous face as proof? It’s called a jumping horn, it’s called a mammoth-like ear, and it looks really audacious!!


The world cannot forgive such a Baragon. Alright, the one that came up was the Japanese Frankenstein Monster.


Frankenstein’s heart, which was once spilled from Germany, grew abnormally and became huge. One one side Baragon. Both of them fought a deadly battle in the field, which could not be written in the manuscript, and both of them were finally caught up in the earthquake of the Fuji Fire Mountains and reached a spectacular end. Sincerely.

文/竹内 博
Composition / Hiroshi Takeuchi
Illustration / Yuji Kaida

原始怪獣 ゴロザウルス
Primitive monster Gorosaurus

肺 Lung
高温心臓 High temperature heart
肝臓 Liver
胃 Stomach
腸 Intestines
強力バネ尾 Strong spring tail
耐圧関節 Pressure-resistant joint

身長 • 35メートル 体重 • 8千トン 尾の長さ • 15メートル
Height • 35 meters Weight • 8,000 tons Tail length • 15 meters

南海の孤島––––モンド島。ジャングルと 活火山、そして、は虫類がうごめく世界にひとつの巨大な影があった。

An isolated island in the South Sea –––– Mondo Island. There was a huge shadow in the jungle, active volcanoes, and the world of reptiles.


That superhuman King Kong. However, there is a guy who doesn’t like the king of Mondo Island, Kong!

それが、ゴロザウルスだ。原始怪獣ゴロザウルスは、キングコングのライバルだ。 肉食で、島に上陸した国連の女性までも、えじきにしようとしたゴロザウルス!

That is Gorosaurus. The primitive monster Gorosaurus is a rival of King Kong. Gorosaurus who tried to prey even a UN woman who landed on the island is carnivorous!

フェミニストのキングコングの怒りをかい、モンド島ジャングルせましと暴れ狂うこと数刻、ついにゴロザウルスはコングに 屈する。アゴをくだかれ、血アワをふいてブッたおれたのだ。

After a few moments of gentleman King Kong’s wrath and rampage with the Mondo Island jungle, Gorosaurus finally succumbs to Kong. He had his chin smashed, and he had wiped his blood millet.

敗れたとはいえ敵意を荒らしく生にみ せる、このゴロザウルスの戦意こそ、野性 の怪獣のみがもつ魅力でもある。

The fighting spirit of this Gorosaurus, which is defeated but shows hostility wildly, is also the charm that only wild monsters have.

だが、怪獣ランドに住みつくようになっ た二代目は、その野性を失ったのかな!?

However, did the second generation, who came to live in Kaiju Land, loose its wildness!?

★ ゴジラ映画大全集 ★
★ Godzilla movie complete works ★


8月2日から8月24日まで、ほか3本立て。 有楽町 「日劇」ほか、全国主要都市で公開。

From August 2nd to August 24th, there are 3 other books. Published in Yurakucho “Nippon Theater” and other major cities nationwide.