Now with the release of the Banpresto figure we get a look at Shin-Godzilla’s full body. Banpresto (a division of Bandai) has a big 30cm soft vinyl figure coming. The design is by the master-sculpture Yuji Sakai who also designed the Banpresto Godzilla 2000 figure many years ago. Looking at the figure we see Godzilla’s lower legs, feet, and four toes. Some had thought may be Shin-Godzilla’s foot would resemble that of Godzilla 2014. However, those elephant feet may not be the right design to support such a large frame and height. Shin-Godzilla looks impressive.

Banpresto Shin-Godzilla

This latest Shin-Godzilla information and photo are courteous of August Ragone of The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla.