Background of the birth of Jet Jaguar


Background of the birth of Jet Jaguar


Even if the scene is allowed that “Jet Jaguar was given some stimulus to the brain part while acting and had a will. I’m sure it is,”
many fans say, “I can’t believe it, but he will have to fight Megalon until Godzilla comes, and that his intense will must have made Jet Jaguar so huge.”


What it means is that the Jet Jaguar that appears in “Godzilla vs. Megalon” suddenly becomes huge even though it is a robot.


Perhaps among the robot heroes that Japan is proud of, Jet Jaguar is the only one that grows huge by the power of will when it comes to robots made by scientists on Earth.


And what to hide, Jet Jaguar is unique among Toho monsters, which was born by open public appeal for contributions. The recruitment period is the year before the movie was released (1972). The winning work was also planned to be adopted as a symbol character for an event called “Kid Kaiju University” sponsored by Seiyu Chain.


The name of the winning monster is Red Alone. It was a quaint monster like an insect robot with wings like a bat. In the decision design, only the body part such as the chest remains, but it can be inferred that Megalon, the guardian deity of the undersea kingdom, is an insect monster for some reason due to the influence of Red Alone.


And it is clear to everyone that the boom of TV special effects heroes at that time has influenced the background of Jet Jaguar’s hero-like style. The year 1973, when “Godzilla vs. Megalon” was released, was the year of the unprecedented special effects hero dance. The “TV-like” Jet Jaguar, which was introduced as a sword in the Godzilla movie that was beginning to show at that time, was, in a sense, a mirror of the times.

Looking at the last [scene], it is obvious how they wanted to depict him.

Source: 大怪獣ゴジラ99の謎, PP 182-183