Back to Ikebukuro


Searching through my files yesterday, I came across my pictures from the Ultraman Festival at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, back in August 2011. My third blog post on was about this event. That post included a small gallery of only 18 photos. One included was a picture of Eiji Tsuburaya’s diary in his own handwriting (円谷英二 直筆日記). Tsuburaya has been on my mind so much lately. So I was elated to find this shot. So I went back to checked out all my photos. I also found photos of scripts set beside Tsuburaya’s diary. There were original scripts for episode 18, 20, and 39, さらばウルトラマン “Farewell Ultraman,” in which Ultraman was defeated by Zetton. Also on display was a film camera along with the sofubi Tsuburaya figure and signature. The exhibit recreated episode scenes with their kaiju. Below is my complete collection of photos from that day. Hope you enjoy.