Attack Peter Godzilla Prints


Something awesome happened on the way to the store today. Waiting at my front door in the mail slot was the Attack Peter Godzilla Letterpress (活版) 4 Prints. Peter Santa-Maria, aka Attack Peter, joined us on Collect All Monsters Episode Episode 27 to discuss the release of his new Mondo Godzilla figure. During the show, he surprised each of us with this awesome card set. Today my set arrived.

“This limited Attack Peter Letterpress Card set is carefully hand crafted by Travis Smith, Alamo Drafthouse’s printing specialist. Made by an antique but polished Heidelberg Windmill machine, these cards made its debut at MONDO: The Front Runner of Film Poster Art in Tokyo” (Source: Each set includes for letterpress prints of Godzilla with Minya, Hedorh, MechaGodzilla and Gigan. The set was limited to 1,200. They were available at
National Film Archive of Japan (国立映画アーカイブ), MoMAK (The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, 京都国立近代美術館) and on

The Press Room Collection: 1965年版HEIDELBERG WINDMILL社製の校正印刷機を使用に、THE PRESS ROOMとマスタープリンターのTRAVIS SMITHが贈る、マイアミ出身のATTACK PETTERが手掛けたセンセージョナルなリノアートを基にし限定版の活版印刷コレクションです。[A limited edition typographic collection based on the sensational linoleum art by ATTACK PETER from Miami, presented by THE PRESS ROOM and TRAVIS SMITH, a master printer, using a 1965 HEIDELBERG WINDMILL proof printing press.]

Thank you so much Attack Peter for such a wonderful gift of art. I had the perfect wall frame waiting to display them.