Asahi Sonorama All Monsters Attack Record


Below is the Asahi Sonorama All Monsters Attack Sonosheet (オール怪獣大進撃 ゴジラ ミニラ ガバラ) with flexible record and booklet published in 1969 in cooperation with Toho. It’s full of wonderful illustrations by Tatsuji Kajita (梶田達二). Wikipedia: Asahi Sonorama (朝日ソノラマ) is a Japanese book, magazine, and manga publisher and a division of Asahi Shimbun. “Sonorama” is a coined word combining sonus, the Latin word for “sound”, and horama, the Greek word for “sight”. The name was acquired through the purchase of the trademark for sonosheets.

オール怪獣大進撃 ゴジラ ミニラ ガバラ 登場
朝日ソノラマ P-59
All Monsters Attack Godzilla Minya Gabara Appear
Asahi Sonorama P-59
© Toho 1969
New Monster Gabara Appears
A big battle comes to Kaiju Island
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P 1-2

Godzilla • Minya • Gabara
All Monsters Attack

Fierce new monster Gabara

★身長 五十三千トン Height: 53 thousand tons

★体重 二万三千トン Weight 23,000 tons

★特徴 ① 確実験による放射能のために、ガムが突然変異をして、凶悪な怪獣ガバラになった。
Characteristic ① Due to the radioactivity from the positive experiment, Gum was mutated and turned into a brutal monster.

② 全身毒々しい緑色の粘液性のひふをし、性質はどうもう、意地悪く、ざんにん。
② The whole body is poisonous green mucous, and its nature is so nasty that it’s awkward.

③ 武器は、強力な右手のハンマーパンチと背中から頭にかけてはえている多数の角。そして、両手の八本の爪先より、すべてのものを焼きつくす、強力、な高圧電流を出し、この液にかかれば、たちまちくさりはててしまう。
③ His weapon is a powerful right hand hammer punch and many horns that stretch from the back to the head. And if he applies a strong, high-voltage current from the eight fingers of both hands and puts it on this liquid, one will soon rot away.

④ どういうわけか、ミニラを目のかたきのようにして攻撃する。
④ Somehow, attack Miniya as if it were a glance.

He is also the most powerful rival for his parent Godzilla.


All Monsters
Great Attack Famous Picture ①

P 3-4

怪獣島 …………… そこでは、ゴジラ、ミニラ、ゴロザウルス、クモンガ、カマキラス、エビラ、ガバラといった怪獣達が、わがもの顔であるきまわって、激しい争いをつづはていた。特に、ガバラはミニラをよくいじめた。
Monster Island …………… There were monsters such as Godzilla, Minya, Gorosaurus, Kumonga, Kamakilas, Ebirah, Gabara, and their faces were furious. Gabara, in particular, bullied Minya.

Ichiro, a second grader in elementary school, is a boy who is bothered and confused. However, when he was alone, he was looking forward to going to Monster Island and talking to Minya with his computer made from junk.

P 5-6

Ichiro was often bullied by a child named Gabara.

Ichiro, who was bullied by Gabara, tried to communicate with Monster Island alone, instead of going home.

“Minya, he’s cool, he’s my buddy. Ichiro. Come and play.”

Oh, it’s a Kamakilas. Please help me! ︎

“Oh, it’s Minya. Can you help me?”

“That’s right. Ichiro you. Hello.”

“Hello. That’s convenient. If you are in an imagination, I can talk to you properly.

Shaa, shaa, shaa!! ︎

“Oh, Gabara.”

「ガバラだって⁉︎ ぼくの友達にも、そのあだなのやつかいるぞ。」
“Even Gabara? My friends use that nickname.”

“This Gabara here is really bad.”

P 7-8

Attack of the evil monster Gabara. My buddy Minya is overwhelmed too.

“Minya, emits radioactivity.”

“Or it’s not as good as my mom’s Godzilla.”

So I lost communication.


As he was able to communicate with Monster Island, Ichiro went to an old building nearby to find materials.

“Oh, there. If I had this, I could talk to Minya again.”

“Ah, Ichiro-kun.”

“What happened, Minya?”

“My radioactivity is still weak.”

“Not good. Don’t do that. Oh, there’s Gabara again. “

Minya was desperately emitting radioactivity.

P 11-12

Minya was able to beat Gabara. Ichiro, who knew it, said, “Well done, Minya. Okay, I won’t lose. I’m sure I’ll do it.”

Ichiro will surely become stronger.

P 13-14


All Monsters
Great Attack Famous Picture ②

★ 聞きおわったソノシートはこのポケットに入れておこう★
★ Put the Sonosheet in this pocket★


朝日ソノラマ Asahi Sonorama
ゴジラ•ミニラ•ガバラ Godzilla • Minya • Gabara
オール怪獣 大進撃 All Monsters Attack

シートホルダー Sheet holder

朝日ソノラマ Asahi Sonorama
ゴジラ•ミニラ•ガバラ Godzilla • Minya • Gabara
オール怪獣 大進撃 All Monsters Attack

脚色 辻 真先
Dramatization Masaki Tsuji
絵 梶田達二
Illustrations Tatsuji Kajita
出演 青ニプロ
協力 東宝
Cooperation Toho

⟪ソノシートのあつかい方⟫ 1. かけるまえに、ぬれた布かレコード用プラシでかるくふいてください。 2. ハリがとぶときは、プレーヤーのかたむき、ハリがすりはている、アームのうごきがかたい、などにご注意ください 3. 火や直射日光、電熱などをさけてしまっておきましょう
⟪How to handle Sonosheets⟫ 1. Wipe gently with a wet cloth or record plush before applying. 2. When you hit, please be careful of the player’s squeezing, the scouring, and the arm’s not moving. 3. Avoid fire, direct sunlight, electric heat

朝日ソノラマ『オール怪獣 大進撃』(P-59) 定価330円 発行日=昭和45年3月30日 発売所=朝日新聞社 朝日ソノラマ 郵便番号104 東京都中央区銀座4丁目2番6号第2朝日ビル 編集発行人=岡崎文樹 発行所=株式会社朝日ソノラマ 印刷=凸版印刷
Asahi Sonorama “All Monsters Attack” (P-59) List price 330 yen, Issue date = March 30, 1945, Release place = Asahi Shimbun Asahi Sonorama Postcode 104 2-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Asahi Building Editor / Publisher = Fumiki Okazaki Issuer = Asahi Sonorama Co., Ltd. Printing = Toppan Printing

* 掲載画の転載及びシートからの録音を禁ず *
* Reprinting the printed images and recording from the sheet is prohibited. *

Back Cover

オール怪獣大進撃 ゴジラ•ミニラ•新怪獣ガバラ出現!!

All Monsters Attack Godzilla • Minya • New Monster Gabara Appears!!
Asahi Sonorama
Sonosheet ®
330 Yen