Art by Satsuma


I got something special last week. When I saw it there was no way I was going to leave it behind, no matter what its cost. Attending Zolocon Expo last week was special in so many ways. But this was the prize. I came away with an original collection of art by none other than Godzilla and kaiju suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma. It’s original artwork on Japanese Shikishi, a specially prepared square paper affixed to a hard backing traditionally used for sumi ink, calligraphy, and watercolor.

On the cover, Satsuma-san beautifully illustrated Godzilla 1984 and wrote,「さこはゴジラか、今日あるのはみなさんのおかげです!薩摩剣八郎」roughly translated “Godzilla is here today. Thanks to everyone! Kenpachiro Satsuma.” On the right side, although I can’t make out some of the kanji characters, roughly reads,「一九八四年ゴジラは私のゴジラ人里の……だ‼︎」roughly translated, “Godzilla in 1984 is my Godzilla…” The inside spread shows Satsuma-san with the DesuGoji and Heisei suits signed “K. Satsuma.” The back panel is heads of Godzilla 1984 and Satsuma. Inside was a signed photo of DesuGoji. It’s so cool! I’m honored to have this in my collection.