I have been blessed to live in Japan and to make great friends whose kindness never cease to amaze me. My friends Ayako and Ken Ken took me to lunch in Ken Ken’s awesome classic kelly-green Mini. Then they surprised me with the awesome 2002 Banpresto Shodai Gojira Big Size Soft Vinyl Figure. I would have never imagined they would do such a thing. It was so thoughtful. It amazes me that they would know that I love Godzilla.

Banpresto Godzilla
バンプレスト 初代ゴジラビッグサイズソフビフィギュア

Ken Ken not only went out his way to find this Godzilla for me but he also translated instructions for further detailing the figure. Thank you so much!

During lunch we had a great discussion about the meaning of Godzilla and what I find interesting about him. This was a conversation I would never had imagine having.

Banpresto Godzilla
バンプレスト 初代ゴジラビッグサイズソフビフィギュア •【ゴジラ】酒井ゆうじ原型製作 • 未開封/ヘッダーイタミ 絶版非売品の為、大変入手困難です。貴重な酒井ゆうじ原型製作 • 彩色バージョン • 2002年 バンプレスト製 • 全高 約30cm • お送りするのは新品未開封品 • 国内正規品(版権承諾証付)