About Orga


Shinji Nishikawa’s Great Anatomy of Godzilla

宇宙生命体ミレニアンはオルガナイザー G1のせいで怪に。まったく姿形の変わってしまった怪獣オルガを徹底解剖する。

The space life form Millennian is mysterious because of the organizer G1. Thorough dissection of the monster Olga, whose appearance has changed completely.

「ゴジラ2000ミレニアム」オルガ (1999)
“Godzilla 2000 Millennium” Orga (1999)


Phase 1
The body details are asymmetrical.


On the left side of its back, there is a wave launcher similar to a UFO, and in addition to firing wave rays, it can emit light and manipulate the remains of the UFO like telekinesis.

A face that imagined the Tristar version of Godzilla.

内戦では巨大な腕で殴りかかる攻撃が中心だ。指はミレニアンより1本多い 3本になった。

In the civil war, the attack centered on striking with a huge arm. He has three fingers, one more than Millennian.

The tail is different from Godzilla. It is shaped like a fish fin.

A powerful jump that makes use of the springs in its limbs.


It spreads a membrane with tentacles from its mouth and wraps around Godzilla. This was rendered in CGI.

ゴジラを飲み込むため、首の付け根まで口が 裂けて開いた。

Its mouth split open to the base of its neck to swallow Godzilla.


Phase 2
By holding Godzilla in its mouth and further absorbing Organizer G1, it became a Godzilla-like color and body surface, and also grew a dorsal fin, making it closer to Godzilla.

元の肉体の形を取り戻したかに見えた ミレニアンだったが、ゴジラのオルガナイザーG1を制御できずに怪獣化してしまった。驚異の再生力を持つが、攻撃力・防御力ともに高くはなく、生き残るためゴジラにより近い存在になろうとする。

It was a Millennian that seemed to have regained its original physical form, but it turned into a monster without being able to control Godzilla’s Organizer G1. Although it has amazing regenerative power, both offensive and defensive power are not high, and he tries to become closer to Godzilla in order to survive.

Tragic Monster Orga


Millennian is an octopus-type alien, so it may not come to mind, but Orga is a rather tragic monster, an intelligent creature that unintentionally turns into a monster. And yet it is weak.


It’s visually painful to see the body gouged out every time it receives Godzilla’s heat rays. Despite that, only his regenerative ability is high, so he can’t even die, and he gets hurt many times. If this happened, it would have no choice but to become Godzilla completely, and when it tried to swallow Godzilla, its body would explode, and it would finally die, but Orga might have acted with the determination that it would be better off either way.


“Originally human (alien),” “vulnerable to blows, but has regenerative power,” “gradually becoming closer to Godzilla” is the same for Biollante, but Orga, who is not sympathized because it tried to conquer the earth, should return in that respect, it is an irreplaceable existence.