About Godzilla 1974


メカゴジラのライバルたち 1
ゴジラ 1974

Mechagodzilla’s Rivals 1
Hydrogen Bomb Monster
Godzilla 1974


Height: 50m
Weight: 20,000t
Birthplace: Undersea cave
Weapon: Radiant flame
Departure work: “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” (1974)

人間の行った核実験の影響で、古代恐竜の生き残りが変異した怪獣。昭和29年に日本を襲った初代は人間に倒されたが、翌年の昭和30年に二代目が現れた。当初は初代と同じく凶暴だったが、昭和39年、宇宙超怪獣キングギドラを撃退したのをきっかけに性格が変化。地球の守護神的 な存在になっていく。初代出現から20年後の昭和4年に、自らをモデルにしたロボット怪獣・メカゴジラと対決する。全身が武器の塊のメカゴジラが繰り出す圧倒的な火力には大 苦戦。しかし孤島で雷撃を浴びて電気エネルギーを蓄積し、全身を磁石 に変えてメカゴジラを捕えると、怪 力で首を叩き折って破壊した。口から吐く放射熱線はメカゴジラのスペースビームと互角の威力を持つ。

A monster, which was a survivor of ancient dinosaurs, has mutated due to the effects of human nuclear tests. The first generation that attacked Japan in 1954 was defeated by humans, but the second generation appeared in 1955 the following year. Initially, he was as ferocious as the first generation, but in 1964, his personality changed when he repelled the space super monster King Ghidorah. He will become the guardian deity of the earth. In 1974, 20 years after the first appearance, he confronts MechaGodzilla, a robot monster modeled after himself. The overwhelming firepower of MechaGodzilla, whose whole body is a mass of weapons, is a big struggle. However, when he was hit by a lightning strike on an isolated island, accumulated electrical energy, turned his whole body into a magnet, and caught MechaGodzilla. He smashed his neck with a mysterious force and destroyed it. The radiant heat rays emitted from the mouth have the same power as the space beam of MechaGodzilla.

Source: 昭和メカゴジラ, p 58.