A Wanted Poster

6.26.2021 (revised 10.12.2021)

A long awaited box day with a wanted poster. Every fan loves a great Godzilla poster. In some form or another, we try to collect every Godzilla movie poster. Godzilla posters come in many varieties and sizes. Recently, a new set of Godzilla movie posters (ゴジラ劇場ポスターコレクション, Godzilla Theater Poster Collection JP Oversized) were released. It contains every Godzilla movie poster up to Kong vs Godzilla in variety of sizes including B2 (500 x 707 mm, 27.83 x 19.69) and B4 (250 x 353 mm, 9.8 x 13.9 in) with an 48-paged A4 booklet. Growing up, I bought a set of Godzilla Showa movie posters (ゴジラオリジナル復刻版ポスター大全集 特撮SF映画24大作品(ゴジラ誕生25周年記念)) published by Toho for Godzilla’s 25th Anniversary. But I’ve been after a bigger fish since 1984. It is a rare item and I had never seen it for sale until several weeks ago on Buyee Japan.

Godzilla public notice poster for Godzilla (1984)

It is a Toho public notice B1 poster (1030 x 728 mm, 39.37 x 27.83) for the release of the new feature film on December 15, 1984, marking the Godzilla series 16th work and the monster’s 30th anniversary (東宝 ゴジラ/GODZILLA 公開予告ポスター 1984年12月15日公開映画 シリーズ第16作目 生誕30周年記念作品 映画 B1サイズ). It was a big deal because the big G was headed back to theaters after a nine year hiatus.

初代ゴジラ Shodai Godzilla by Eito Haro (Source: Eito Haro Works)

The shadow cast over the Tokyo subcenter belongs to the Kaiyodo Real Hobby Size Godzilla 1954 25cm resin cast kit (海洋堂 リアルホビーサイズ ゴジラ1954 25㎝レジンキャストキット) created by Eito Hara (原詠人)「原詠人製作の初代ゴジラフィギュアの影と副都心を合成した第1弾」(Source: ゴジラ1984 コンプリーション Godzilla 1984 Completion book).

This beautiful Godzilla kit was featured on the cover of Monster Catalogue in 3D (ファンタスティックコレクション No38 3D怪獣全集) published in 1984. I adored this cover.

After several weeks tracking down a B1 poster frame on Buyee Japan, I have this glorious poster framed and hanging on my wall. A wanted poster is worth waiting for, even if it takes more than three decades.