A Special Box Day


Although it took several weeks to arrive, the wait was never long. My Yuji Sakai autographed X-Plus Godzilla 1954 box has arrived! For several years I’ve been wanting to meet the great Godzilla sculptor Master Sakai. When I received this last assignment I was more determined than ever to meet him. But with that opportunity to meet him in person was very remote, the next best thing would be an autograph. This was a very special box day.

X-Plus Godzilla 1954 box signed by legendary Godzilla Modeler Yuji Sakai

I had just come off my whirlwind trip to Japan back in March. That trip was all about Shodai Godzilla and visiting the Godzilla 1954 location of Odo Island. So I was beyond stoked when I arrived home and received the request for box art for Master Sakai’s Godzilla 1954 figure for release in the soft vinyl model series. I felt more confident about a shot than any other. I adore that figure because of its amazing accuracy to the motion picture. I had shot that figure many times and as a result knew the optimal angles and lighting to make Godzilla shine. Creating an official rendition of the first Godzilla is a dream job that I was honored and privileged to do.

Master Sakai signs my X-Plus Godzilla 1954 box at Wonder Fes 2023: 「ジョンさんへ酒井 2023.7.30 W.F.」”To John-san, Yuji Sakai 7/30/2023 Wonder Festival”

I received direction and instructions from Master Sakai. I pulled a dozen books out and carefully studied the angels, lighting and atmosphere from various movie stills. When shooting Godzilla his eyes should be seen and set below the shadow of his brow. Also important is to show the detail of the figure which requires proper highlighting while controlling the level and amount of fill light. Godzilla’s smile created by his eyes and mouth can be seen and captured with the camera positioned low enough and the figure angled just a bit. Then the personality sculpted by Master Sakai in his amazing Godzilla will be on full display.

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A peak at my X-Plus project directories

I could not have asked for more than to have this awesome model kit signed by Master Sakai. Thank you Master Sakai, Gee-san, and a special thanks to Matsubara-san and Jeremy for making this happen at Wonder Fes.