A New Box Day


Today is not the ordinary box day but a different kind of box day. One that does not happen often, oh but I’m very grateful that I have them. Just a few days ago, X-Plus released the first batch of Yuji Sakai Best Works Selection Godzilla(2004) Poster Version featuring the box art created by the collaboration of MyKaiju, Summit Kaiju, and X-Plus. Special thanks to Akihiko “Gee” Okamoto and Kazuma Matsubara X-Plus, Jeremy Soles of Summit Kaiju International, and Master Yuji Sakai.

Photo Credit: @Godzillakun100

Over the last two days, during my daily twitter sweep, I came across these awesome tweets. Nothing makes me more happy than to see my work in Godzilla collections in Japan. The statue is amazing and the light-up feature takes it to another level. It was a great honor to recreate the movie poster art featuring Master Sakai’s beautiful work.

Check out the box opening on YouTube by スライム86!