During the year I’ll create any number of graphics and images for posting on the MyKaiju Facebook page. They come in all sizes and for many reasons whether faux covers, books, stamps, and photos. Sometimes I’m commissioned to create graphics. Unfortunately, they don’t all make it to the web site. But that will not be the case any longer. Here are the MyKaiju 2017 projects.

Godzilla and Company are the Super Friends A League of Extraordinary Kaiju

Godzilla's Enemies form the Legion of Doom that are the Challenge of the Super Friends

Monster Attack Team Facebook Banner
Monster Attack Team banner

Godzilla 1984 StampGodzilla 1954 StampGodzilla 2016 StampGodzilla 2016 Stamp

The Evolution of Shin Godzilla Poster test print

Pasin Boy Look Alike

Faux Shin Godzilla book

Jurassic Godzilla faux poster

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