This year has been difficult for many of us. Many loved ones had become sick and many have passed away. We are grateful to be here today as we look forward to the coming new year with hopes and aspirations for a better trip around the sun. Yet, there were great experiences from 2016 that I’ll never forget. G-Fest was amazing hanging with friends and making new ones. Then there was nothing better than attending the opening night of Shin Godzilla at the Toho theater in Shinjuku. All to be followed up by its release in the US in early October.

This was a great year for X-Plus releases and reissues: Godzilla 73, Megalon, Gigan, Jet Jaguar, Gigantic 54, Gigantic 64, Battra, Baragon, Rodan, Godzilla 66, Godzilla 1984, Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1991, Sakai GMK, MechaGodzilla 1975, Titanosaurus, Angilas, Kumonga, and more. The best was saved for yesterday when the Art of Shin Godzilla arrived. I acquired figures that seemed impossible to come by. But wallet is empty, but my shelfs are full and my room is overflowing.

Every day of this past year I imagining new dioramas to shoot. This was a fruitful year and a great year of learning. It was an honor to create G-Fan cover no# 111. I found new miniature buildings, trees, trains, tanks, and more to make the dioramas come to life. There were a lot of mishits that will never been seen. But there was way more shoots that went right. This years toy photography was caped off with a shot of Gigantic Godzilla 1954. Here’s a short video of the majority of MyKaiju 2016 toy photography.

The year was crowned with the production of the first official MyKaiju Photo Book and 2017 calendar for the holiday season. The reception by Godzilla fans were overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who purchased them. A special thanks to Jeremy of Summit Kaiju for the support and promotion.

2017 will bring its highs and hopefully few lows. I’m looking forward to more shoots. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have making them. Thank you for following MyKaiju.