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Inside Shin Godzilla

3/6/17 (Updated 3/20)

There’s a great new Shin Godzilla book that goes into the details about Shin Godzilla, the Japanese Self Defense Force, and more. “Shin · Godzilla Confidential Research Reading Book” (シン・ゴジラ機密研究読本) is a 128-paged soft back book full of pictures, illustrations, and information covering Shin Godzilla and the JSDF vehicles and weapons. It’s written by Tetsuya Kakitani (柿谷 哲也) and published by KADOKAWA. The cover reads “99 secrets revealed” (明かされる99の機密) and “Mystery, explained” (謎、解明。). I highly recommend it. Now let’s go into some of its great content.

A View of Real Disaster vs. Godzilla’s mystery
(p. 79)

1. 生物としては不可能なサイズ骨格を作る未知の物質がカギ
An unknown substance that makes the impossible-size skeleton as an organism is the key

2. 進化ではなく変態だ
It’s not evolution but metamorphosis

3. 硬い表皮は炭素ベースの未知の組成を持つ新料科
The hard epidermis is a new material with unknown carbon-based composition

4. 未知のタンパク質を作る遺伝情報が人類の8倍
Genetic information making unknown protein is 8 times higher than in humans

5. 新元素は生体原子炉で作られた副産物
The new element is a by-product made in the biological nuclear reactor

6. 口から出るビームと背びれ、尾から出るレーザーは別物
Beam and back from the mouth, laser from the tail are different things

7. 冷却用血液循環と生体活動用運搬循環流の2つの大きな循環を持つ
It has two large cycles of blood cooling circulation and transport circulation flow for biological activity

8. 最大の不明点なぜスクラムで凍結したのか?
The biggest unknown point, why did it freeze in a scram (a rapid shutting down of a nuclear reactor)?

9. ヤシオリ作戦で投入するならホワ素
Ingesting boron in the Yashiori Plan

10. 凍結後は冷却し続け解体の方向で
After freezing, continue cooling and dismantling

11. 半減期20日の新元素には近づくべからず
The new element with a half-life of 20 days should not be approached

仮説 Hypothesis
ゴジラ Godzilla
体内概念図 Conceptual Diagram of the Body
(From p. 80, below is a recreation)


Blood flow
The biggest problem with Godzilla is how to cool the heat generated in a very high temperature biological nuclear reactor. As an image, it is doubtful what the blood itself is made of, but as in the image, a liquid (blood) with high boiling point, which is excellent in endothermic and heat dissipation surrounds the biological nuclear reactor with high pressure, as if the heart, the aorta, the capillary, the vena cava, the heart as it circulates, it seems to be that there is a blood circulation specialized in a cooling function that blood vessels gradually becoming thinner take down the temperature while going around the whole body and come back again.


Heat dissipation effect of the back and laser light generator
Dorsal fins have two functions. One function is to increase the surface area of Godzilla enhancing the radiation effect. The other one seems to have a laser light generator as a living organism.


Radiation from the mouth
The biological nuclear reactor and the mouth part are directly connected. When the hot flame converges into a beam shape, the lower jaw opens to the right and left, because the jaw skeleton and the muscles of the throat are linked to each other and converge by narrowing down the throat.


Internal body
Beyond being an organism, Godzilla’s body is made of protein as us. However, it is not a known protein, it is a protein of high molecular structure with high heat resistance.


New element
It seems that it is generated in the biological nuclear reactor. Its half-life is short and too unstable to make body tissues, so if Godzilla uses it, is it not used as an alternative energy for functions that are too large for nuclear energy? For example, it is an energy source of usual chemical reactions such as molecular synthesis required for Godzilla.


Biological nuclear reactor
Generates energy as heat with fission.


Thermonuclear Energy Disintegration Organ


An organ that produces energy and body to actually make activities using heat generated in a biological nuclear reactor. There is a systemic circulation of a different strain from the cooling-self blood flow.


Skin and bones
Godzilla’s hard skin and bones are made of ship-like elements such as carbon, etc., but in order to support a huge size, a new material with a well-known molecular structure was created in order to support a huge size. Due to its structure, it uses hardness and high radioactivity.

What is happening in Godzilla’s Body
p. 75

機密95 Confidential 95
シュプレヒコールの波 A Wave of Unison
p. 107

やかましいわ Noisy
ゴジラを倒せ Defeat Godzilla
ゴジラは神だ Godzilla is a god


It was an ordinary day until Godzilla re-landed. At night, members of the Big Disaster being tired out are fallen out on their desks. At that time, a wave of unison covers the vicinity of Nagatacho. There are two opinions. The “Defeat Godzilla” faction and “Godzilla is a god” faction. This is perhaps a surprising and deep question. There is no denying this scene in the story. However, it looked like a powerful scene drawing many people indeed. It might be a scene that raised questions for the audience.

Origami that was used effectively in the drama
p. 74

劇中で折り紙は、牧元教授の解析表を折って立体にするというヒントになっていた。その発想もさることながら、解析表が表していたのは分子構造。そして分子構造は3Dモデルだ。深読みだが、そのことまで示唆していたとしたら脱帽だ。The origami in the drama was a clue to fold the analysis table of Professor Maki and to make it three-dimensional. As well as its idea, the analytic table represented the molecular structure. And the molecular structure is a 3D model. But reading too much into it, it was suggested only to be a hat up to that point.



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